quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015


I have been living in this jacket from H&M (DIVIDED) , the design is perfect for me
black and white with leather sleeves, warm and comfortable.
The scarf is from the brand Blue Arkedia and was given to me by my grandmother. 
I don't like to wear scarves but due to health problems I had to submit myself
 to use them and this was my favorite. It reminds me of the colors of Gryffindor House 
 of the Harrry Potter movies.

Recently, I've been loving wearing this dark magenta color, from Winnie,
 in the photo looks a little bit more red tone, but you can see in 
the bottom of the lipstick, is more that color.

I love eyebrows and I'm still learning to play with mine, 
but I love this product by Catrice, my eyebrows are a little bit rebel, 
so this helps to keep them in place.

 The Vasenol 100% Vaseline has been helping me so much, 
in the Winter my skin tends to be more on the dry side and
 this time my lips have been super dry, so this helps a lot,
I keep one for my body and one for my face area, normally the lips.
I had pretty bad acne, I still have sometimes so I have to keep a eye on it,
like I said before my skin tends to be more dry during the Winter
 but I have combination skin, I love this product because it moisturizes my skin 
while it gives the skin a matte silky texture.

About the first one you can see how it looks in my nails right here:

Basically are the colors I have used more this winter so far.
The second is the beauty brand of the supermarkets Continente, My Label.
  It's a dark red that dries very quickly and so when I'm out of patience to wait I always grab it.

I hope you have enjoyed the post.
What are your Winter Essentials? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Casaco giro!! ;)


  2. Tudo muito bem escolhido, gostei :)

    1. Obrigado por comentares. :)
      Vou espreitar o teu blog.
      Love, Ana

  3. Os vernizes são super giros! Aliás, fizemos um post no nosso blog sobre essa cor, se quiseres espreitar http://2thetrouble.blogspot.pt/2015/01/2015-color-of-year-by-pantone-marsala.html

    Um beijinho ♥

    1. Já fui espreitar, já comentei, adorei o post.