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For be able to talk in the future about the way I treat my skin , first I have to talk about my acne story, it’s not an easy post to make, but I figured that may help someone.
I started get cystic acne (medium/big, inflamed, under the skin and painful pimples) when I finished my professional course, when I was 18, before that I had normal  acne, nothing major, just a few tiny pimples here and there, the only thing that bothered me, was the acne on my back but never was cystic acne.

I am a shy person, still working on my self-esteem and my story with bullying is not the most pretty too, but the cystic acne made me afraid of people and with super low self-esteem, so I had to do something.

I've never been to a psychologist, so I don’t know in what level has affected me, but inside I know it affected me.

It’s not easy to people around understand, it seems something superficial, but to people that suffer from low self-esteem, it’s really hard. In that time I was going through a really hard phase in my life, I could not get into the university, lost friendships, I was lost not knowing what to do with my life and the appearance of the acne was at the wrong time.

One of my faults is not to talk to someone about what I'm going through and close myself and wait to explode. From my own experience I learned and I am still learning that is the worst thing we can do. And I'm not saying that we have to speak directly on the subject but simply talk to someone.

Fortunately, I had people around me that made me feel good, that made everything seem less dark, even if they did indirectly.

I started looking for other people with the same problem on the Internet, and yes, it is one of the things that the internet can be really helpful. It's great to know that we are not the only one, which may seem a little selfish, but true, knowing that there are people who felt what I felt and that these people fought.  

To see that acne compared to other things was nothing.

I walked down the street without makeup for days, found strength in me to deal with acne and realized that worrying about it, focus my life on it, only made it worse including the acne itself. 

I do not regret for having gone through this, made me more solidary to others, taught me to look more and more inside of people,  made me look more inside of me.

Acne does not have to define anyone, as many of the things in our outside, what should defines us are the things that we dream, that we fight and the decisions we make.
I was fortunate enough to be able to fight, but there are people who do not find that strength and so I wanted to come and share my story and say that I am here for those who want to talk and say it's okay to feel sad, do not feel guilty about it.

Hope to have helped someone with this post. Or helped someone else to understand.

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  1. Obrigada por partilhares a tua história. Acredita que não estás sozinha! xx

    1. Obrigado por comentares. Acho que é importante partilharmos estas histórias, nunca sabemos quem podemos ajudar :)