domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015


Last year I did this same project but the year was just written with a white pen and I was not  attracted to write happy memories and I kinda forgot. This year, so far, I have written every day. You can write every day or just when you feel you have something happy that deserves to be written.

 It's very simple. You pick a jar, take the legs of the studs and glue them in the shape of the year. It gives the jar a more grunge look and catches more your attention. A tip that I have is to have always a paper, a pen, the ribbon and scissors close to the jar that way you don't feel lazy to go search for the materials, at least the pen and the paper.


Tell me in the comments if you like it and send me photos of your 
Jar Of Memories for 2015 with #ARKjarofmemories.

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