segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015


I everyone, today I'm showing you how I deep clean my makeup brushes.
First I put olive oil in some kind of plate, then I dip my brushes and do circular motions in my hand.

The Olive Oil is good to use to take dirt and specially waterproof/ oil base makeup of your brushes and prevent them to get overly dry when you washed them.

After I have all my brushes covered with olive oil, I go over to my kitchen and washed them with antibacterial dish soap and rinse them with cool water.

Then I let them dry horizontally in a towel. If in that day is sunny outside I put them in the sun.
If you want to dry them in a hurry, especially the face ones, use a paper towel and squeeze the most of the water.

But remember, just if you are in a hurry, because the more green way is the normal towel.

Tell me in the comments what's your technique to clean your makeup brushes. 
I'd love to know. We always learn from each other.

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