quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2015


Hi everyone. 
Regarding the organization, what I usually do is split the bags into categories,
 even if we got to the place and many things will be removed from them, 
it is much easier to know where to put things back when we return. 

This is the way I organize my bags...

Brands : PACK IT (clothes, shoes,...) | IKEA (technology bag) | Thrifted (beach bag) | PRIMARK (bath and beauty bags)

Of course it depends on the type of trip, if the trip is by plane or car,
if it's just to relax or to also work, the accommodations you will be ...

After organizing the most important things, 
you can see if you have room for other things, for example,
putting a book together with your clothes or your shoes in a
 compartment of the suitcase that could be easily dismissed.

 I hope you enjoyed it and that has been helpful. See you in my next post...

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