segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2015


A packing list is very important, whether the format, paper, word, an app ... 
It should be divided into different categories, hygiene products, clothing, 
camping accessories, among others. 

This time I tested an application called Pack Point
The fist thing the application asks you is your gender.

When you put the name of your destination and the date of your stay,
 the app gives you the weather of the week, for example.

We can select the categories and the application gives us some 
items already, but we also have the possibility to add items
and their quantities.

Throughout the process we can check items of the list because the
check symbol is not permanent.

The app also warns you when it's time to verify the list before your trip.

You also have the option of The Ultimate Packing List (pdf)
from Smarter Travel and other apps.

I hope you enjoyed it and that has been helpful.

2 comentários:

  1. Eu vou tãao instalar a app, preciso mesmo!

    1. Ajuda bastante, especialmente na hora de voltar a casa, para não deixar-mos nada para trás.
      Obrigado por comentares :)
      Love, Ana