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Hi everyone.

One thing that I find very important when going camping is knowing the conditions, equipment and services that space that we will use has to "offer".

For example if you will be in a caravan that offers you, a refrigerator, stove, television, dining table, bed with sheets and light and the campsite "offers" public bathroom with showers, place to wash your clothes, water to wash your dishes , work area and coffee maker, that information helps you decide what things you need to take,  for example,  bring clean water to drink, food, slippers to wear in the shower,  but you  don't have to worry about a tent, mattress, sleeping bag, the type of food ...

The space that you have to storage things and the way you do it, it's also important.
If you have a tent try to visualize the space you will have and where you can put things.

From this information you can get an idea of ​​what you need to take and what awaits you.

One thing that many people may also consider important especially if you have to deal with work is access to the internet.

The hypothesis to visit the space before going on vacation is ideal, but not many people have that possibility, especially if they will be going to a location outside the country or state.
But search for the the website (if the place has one) or search for reviews.

Hope you liked it. If you have advice or tips, tell me in the comments.

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  1. Dear Ana,

    I'm writing this, not to humilliate you or minimize you, but to warn you that you're wasting your time.
    Altough you clearly make na effort to achieve it, you are not, and you probably will never be, a famous blogger, and due to that, nobody wants to know "where", "how", or "when" you're going camping. And that's just an exemple of your irrelevance, wich you can find in every single post of yours.
    Again i'm writing this not to humulliate you but to warn you, that you're wasting your time, and i diply wish you the best luck on everything else you may do in your life.