terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015


This mascara by Rimmel was purchased to replace two others that I had to stop using (do not make me explain why), at the time it was bought at a discount and so I took it. I love waterproof mascaras and is currently the only type of mascara that I use. I have fairly long eyelashes naturally, but they are lighter at the tips because of treatment for acne that I use, but I don't have much volume and if there's one thing that this mascara gives, is volume and also color, it's super black,
what I like, because I have really dark eyes so it helps to accentuate my eyes.

It's really dry what I belive it gives the mascara a more longlasting effect,
but also makes it harder to remove, which is normal for waterproof mascaras.
 See in my previous post:

I like this mascara, but it's heavy, so it's not for everyone. To use it in day-to-day I recommend applying only one or two layers and remove the excess product of the brush before applying it. It can cause clumps, but it is only a matter of learn to adapt with the way of application and if you have,  run a brush of eyelashes/eyebrows through the eyelashes without product.

Hope you like it! 
Have you used this mascara before, what do you think?
Do you want to try it?
Tell me in the comments...I loved to know...

2 comentários:

  1. Tenho uma da Rimmel, que se chama "Sexy Curves". É a melhor máscara que alguma vez comprei!
    Amo-a perdidamente! Tens de experimentar!
    Beijinho :)


    1. Quando terminar esta, vou experimentar. :) Obrigado pela sugestão.
      LOVE, Ana