terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015


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Hello everyone, so first, let me apologize for my absence this past three days,
the last few days has been bitter and sweet at the same time. First bitter  
because I had to deal with the negativity of certain matters affecting me,
in general, injustice and ignorance affect me.

Bitter and sweet, because yesterday, Monday, 
I visited and signed up for a Beautician - Cosmetologist course.
I choose to do this because I always liked to know new things about this area
and especially when I started having my own both psychological and physical
problems, I realized that with this course could help many people feel better
both externally and internally. That was my main incentive. And it's a realistic
professional future. It is a very complex area and very underestimated in terms 
of effort, importance and professionalism. It will require a lot of me in terms
of study and, beacuse it's not in my town, I have to wake up really early.

So I wanted to come here and share this news with you.  
Would you like me to show my route and progress during this course?
You are very important and I love reading your comments,
they make me feel always happier. Thank you for your patience.


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