domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

Sara Tavares - 20 Years of Music - October 31

Sara Tavares was always one of my references for music, faith and as a person. She's strong and kind, has a power in her voice, the type of power that makes you think and rethink your life and break walls. When I was little I remeber singing over and over again the songs of her first album, I'm really happy that she has growed as a person and an artist and she gives value to the people that helped her in her career and the people that she gave the oportunity to grow with her. I had never entered the S.Luiz Theater in Lisbon and it's beautiful, the right size for an intimist concert.  

(Sorry I couldn't take photos of the concert, it was not allowed and I like to respect that)

I hope you enjoyed the photos.
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